Balancing Bio-Systems against Technology

In the new city, a wireless society exists: it sustains itself by interacting and ENGAGING the environment. One process is through returning all by-products of both human and mechanical systems back into the existing immediate present eco-system. Architecture simply consists of bio-climatic and electronic control systems and models that modulate the environment for optimum comfort level and continuous assessment and re-balancing and finite adjustments of these systems to reflect and accommodate exacting human needs.

There are currently interests to use bio-degradable building poroducts some of which come from using hemp, as in the States, or from using re-cycled waste and by-products from Palm Oil Industry, old palm trunks some several millions are available each year for this purpose. The "bio-mesh" has been studied and exhbiit lightweieght characteristics and strneght as a binder in making boards and floor panels. This study is avialble in Malaysia and ZLG Design has access to this work.

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