Not too many years ago, zlgdesign was commissioned to create a new concept for innercity living, and behold today we have the LRT system and the new KL Light Monorail Transit System, running along the once dilapidated KL "longkang", this being not so long ago, the single largest sewer, connecting all but the back of major run-down,still kicking, older buildings that make up what is still the original center of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Brought out from the good days of the AA walking city idea, inspired by the legendary Professor Peter Cook, and his late colleague Ron Herron, both having met with huatlim and having contributed a vast amount of resources to this Project, Susanne ZEIDLER included, in their office and at home, the Project team members are back. The Project after some eight years, actually materialised, after many economic sanctions and painful financial diaspora and take-over attempts failed to meet the challenges of this extraordinary concept, the dream development is now slowly taking shape in the form of simple white, modernist structures dotted along the riverside of Sungei [river] Klang.

This has to be the one single high-octane high-concept ultra project deserving of good and fair publicity, but it never did any, and no one really got anywhere, let alone Professor Peter Cook and the late Ron Herron or indeed the original designers who now wors at ZLG Design Studio. KL-LinearCity went through two major presentations to the ex Prime Minister, and one major paradigm shift for Malaysian Architecture.

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