Reversing Architecture

By using found objects from the site, the Boh Visitor Centre facade is able to reconnect more effectively, at least in the visual sense, to the surrounding landscape; the wooden logs having been made out from trunks of fallen trees found in the immediate areas. The logs are later inserted carefully into the rust protected slender metal frames, and rearranged in random fashion, to control and soften daylight penetration into this naturally ventilated TEA Visitor and Showroom Facility and Building. Project is located in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia and owned by the Russell family.

Boh has enjoyed many awards and the latest being the Barbara Cappochin Award for its sustinable architecture and also for the efforts put in towards collaboration between the Contractor and the Consulting Experts and the Client. Last week the Cityscape Asia Awards for Corporate Building picked this as a winner for Responsibility towards conservation of the Environment.


Design: Susanne ZEIDLER, Huat LIM [ZLG Design]

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